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Weber Genesis E-325S vs E310: What are the Key Differences?

Weber is a well-known and respected brand in the world of grilling, and the Genesis E-325 and E-310 are two of their popular models. Let’s take a look at this report to know their differences.

Cooking Area

The Weber Genesis E-325 has a total cooking area of 637 square inches, while the E-310 has a total cooking area of 513 square inches. The larger cooking area of the E-325 makes it well-suited for larger gatherings or families, while the E-310 is a good option for smaller families or those with limited outdoor space.


Both the E-325 and E-310 have three stainless steel burners, each with its own separate control knob. This allows for precise temperature control and the ability to cook different types of food at the same time.

Ignition System

Both grills are equipped with an electronic ignition system, which makes starting the grill quick and easy.


Both grills have a built-in thermometer, which allows you to monitor the temperature of the grill and ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.


Both grills have a grill cabinet for storage, which is convenient for keeping your grilling tools and accessories organized and easily accessible.


The E-325 and E-310 are both available in both natural gas and propane versions. The natural gas version allows for a permanent connection to your home’s natural gas line, while the propane version requires tanks to be swapped out when empty.

Comparison Chart: Weber Genesis E-325S vs E310

Weber Grill
Model Check Price » Weber Genesis E-325S Check Price » Weber Genesis E-310
Cooking area (sq in) 637 513
Burners 3 (stainless steel) 3 (stainless steel)
Ignition system Electronic Electronic
Storage Grill cabinet Grill cabinet
Fuel Propane/natural gas Propane/natural gas

Final Word

Overall, both the Weber Genesis E-325 and E-310 are high-quality grills that offer a range of features to make grilling easy and enjoyable.

The main difference between the two is the size of the cooking area, with the E-325 being larger and better suited for larger gatherings, and the E-310 being more suitable for smaller families or those with limited outdoor space.