Top 7 Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

Top Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

Even the best charcoal grill can’t get you the best grilled food if you don’t know how to use it. So before trying your new grilling buddy, it’s always wise to heed some tips, watch videos, and read articles to get you started. Doing so prevents you from making mistakes, lets you avoid common grilling accidents, and helps you attain a rich-flavored grilled food.

That said, here are some charcoal grilling tips for beginners.

Safety first, always.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has released some safety tips to ensure that your charcoal-grilling session is accident-free.

The biggest threat when it comes to charcoal grills is carbon monoxide poisoning. The other is home fires.

That said, never use your charcoal grill inside your homes, inside your RV, or in a low-canopy tent.

Click here for more safety tips.

Oil your grill grate.

Doing this accomplishes two things.

One, it gives your grate an almost non-stick surface. That means it can help prevent the meat from sticking to your grate.

Two, oiling your grate is a maintenance procedure. It helps prevent rust, and it should help ensure make your grill last a long time.

Nope, it doesn’t improve the flavor of your meat.

Improvise a dual-zone system if your grill doesn’t have it.

Don’t cover all the sides of your grill with hot and burning charcoal. Instead, divide it into two: one side has hot charcoal, and the other side doesn’t.

What does this do dual-system do?

This prevents you from overcooking your meat. If you feel that the heat is too much, you can always move your food into the side that doesn’t have burning charcoal.

Learn how to control the vents of your grill.

Many charcoal grills come with upper and lower vents. Learn how to use them to control the airflow. With the vents, you can do alternate between slow and fast cooking/grilling.

Invest in a meat thermometer.

Different types of meat cook at different temperatures. It’s best to invest in a temperature gauge that monitors and gives accurate readings.

That said, here’s our top picks for the best wireless thermometer with app. These models are not analog, and they come with a free app so that you can monitor your meat without having to be physically beside your grill.

Keep an aluminum foil handy.

You’ll never know when you’re going to need an aluminum foil. For instance, if you want to maintain the temperature of a freshly grilled pork, simply wrap it with the foil.

Lump coals vs briquettes?

Yup, charcoals are classified either as a lump coal or a briquette. Aside from their shape, their difference is that lump charcoals tend to generate higher temperature than briquettes.

That said, they have their uses. If you want high-heat and fast cooking, then the lump coals are definitely for you. If you’re gunning for a consistent, relatively lower heat, and longer cooking session, then go for the briquettes.