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Ovente GR2001B Reversible Grill Review

Ovente GR2001B Reversible Grill Review

No matter how good a cooking appliance a grill is, it’s not a perfect machine. It has its limitations. One of them is the type of food that you can cook with it. You’ll have difficulty cooking scrambled eggs, for instance.

But with a grill-griddle combo, the number of food items you can cook is limitless.

The Ovente GR2001B is an example of a grill-griddle appliance. But is it any good? What are its pros and cons? Only previous buyers have the answer, and in this Ovente GR2001B reversible grill review, we’ll give you a summary of what they say about their unit.

Key Features of the Ovente GR2001B

Let’s take a look at what the Ovente GR2001B has to offer.

Parts of Ovente GR2001B

The image on your right shows you a cross-section of all the parts of the Ovente GR2001B, from the handle to the base. Here are some notes.

One, let’s not forget that this appliance is a grill-griddle combo. You can interchange these functions by simply flipping the plate to reveal and use either the grill or griddle side. Both grill and griddle are made of ceramic, non-stick materials.

Second, there’s a drip tray underneath the plate to catch excess fats and oils with ease. Third, the sturdy base is powered by 1,700 watts and allows you to position this appliance in a stable upright manner.

Fourth, the GR2001B is equipped with a heat-tempered glass lid to retain moisture. It also comes with a scaper and a temperature control knob to increase or decrease the temperature settings.

Portable and Heavy-Duty

This is an electric cooking appliance, but because it’s only 12.8 pounds, it’s very portable. You can take it with you for family gatherings, and you can use it for both indoor and outdoor events. Just make sure there’s a socket somewhere.

Other Features and Specs

  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20.1 x 14.4 x 4.7 inches
  • Style: Electric
  • Material: Ceramic Non-Stick, Stainless Steel
  • Teflon coated

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Consumer Feedback

In this part of our Ovente GR2001B reversible grill review, we give you the pros and cons of this product based on comments and feedback made by previous buyers.


  • Many consumers say that the cleanup is easy. It helps that the lid and the plate is detachable.
  • When grilling or cooking indoors, it’s important that the appliance doesn’t produce too much smoke to trigger the smoke alarm. Fortunately, the Ovente GR2001B doesn’t produce enough smoke to set off the alarm.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • The Teflon-coated works. Steaks, burgers, and other food items don’t stick to the surface.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • It cooks well. One person has complimented the GR2001B’s cooking ability, saying that his chicken came out tender and juicy. Others say that they were able to cook steak, chops, and burgers with this grill/griddle appliance.


  • The temperature control setting comes with options represented by numbers. However, there’s no specific temperature given that represents those numbers. The manual also lacks the necessary information or data. That said, you’ll have to play around with the settings until you figure out which setting works for different types of food.
  • The base is made of plastic, which feels a bit cheap, as one person has said.

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Our Recommendation: Ovente GR2001B Reversible Grill Review

Should you get one for yourself? Here’s our recommendation.

If you’re looking for an indoor grill-griddle combo that is easy to use and cooks fast with good results, then the Ovente GR2001B is for you. However, if you have budget and a patio or balcony wherein space is not a problem, then it’s better to invest in a bigger grill.