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Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-Function Air Fryer Review (FAM21302W)

Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-Function Air Fryer Review

In this Ovente 3.2 QT multi-function air fryer review, (FAM21302W), we give you a brief report of what consumers have said about their unit.

Key Features of the Ovente FAM21302W

But first, here’s a quick rundown of its key features.

– It’s equipped with hot air circulation technology, which is present in all air fryers. This feature ensures that all parts of the food chamber receives hot air to make sure that the food item comes out evenly.

– It doesn’t have a digital interface. It has dials that you can turn to adjust the temperature and timer settings. It has LED indicator lights as well.

– When it comes to parts, this air fryer has a non-stick removable basket, a cool-touch handle, anti-skid feet, and an auto shut-off feature.

– The Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-Function Air Fryer comes with a fry/gill pan.

Pros and Cons: Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-Function Air Fryer Review

What are the pros and cons of this air fryer? Here’s what we gathered according to consumer feedback and comments posted on a popular online retailer.

– According to one user, this product cooks quickly, yet the quality of the food is not affected. The consumer used the word “crispy” to describe the resulting air-fried food.

– Is it really multi-functional? This device comes with a fry/grill pan and a fry basket, which are great additions especially if you want to grill your favorite foods. Apparently, this is not pure hype. It actually works, and consumers have only good things to say about this feature.

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– At 13 inches in height, this air fryer is certainly not the bulkiest air fryer out there. However, as one person has said, you might still find that it “takes up a little countertop space than anticipated.”

– It’s well-built.

– It’s simple to operate.

– Several consumers have complained that their unit has stopped working after a few weeks of usage. One person said that after a month, it no longer turns on. Another said that after 45 days, it doesn’t have the blue light anymore.

– The frying chamber has a 3.2-quart capacity. That said, it’s perfect for a household of one to 3 people. It’s not advisable for a family of more than 3.

Final Word: Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-Function Air Fryer Review

It’s not the best air fryer, but when this unit has no problem, it works and delivers the results as promised. But it’s difficult to ignore reports of people saying that their unit stopped working after only a few weeks from the first day of use.

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