Grill Comparison Reports

Napoleon Freestyle 365 vs 425 Compared: Which is Better?

What are the key differences between the Napoleon Freestyle 365 and the Napoleon Phantom Rogue 425? Overall, the main differences are the size, the design, and the features included. Read more to find out what these are.

Comparison Chart: Napoleon Freestyle 365 vs 425

Here’s a straightforward chard detailing the key differences between these two grills.

Model Check Price » Freestyle 365 Check Price » Freestyle 425
Cooking Area 18 x 20.75 in 18 x 23.75 in
Dimension 116 cm (H) x 124 cm (W) 64 cm (D) 123 cm (H) x 140 cm (W) 63.50 cm (D)
Fuel Type Propane or Natural Gas Propane or Natural Gas
Total MAX (BTU) 33000 38000
Total Cooking Area ( 495 571
Main Burners 3 3
Number of Knobs 3 5
Finish/Coating Graphite Porcelain Silky Matte Black
Folding Side Shelves
Instant Jetfire Ignition
Temperature Gauge
Integrated Tool Hooks
Built-in Propane Tank Ring
Infrared Side Burner
Upgraded Grilling Rack

Key Differences

As you can see in the chart above, the Phantom Rogue 425 is bigger than the Freestyle 365.

When it comes to cooking area, the Rogue 425 also offers a wider range.

When it comes to design, the 425 comes with a much sleeker coating.

When it comes to added features. the Rogue 425 also wins. Not only does it have an upgraded grilling rack, but it also features an infrared side burner.

Which One Should You Have?

No doubt, the Phantom Rogue has a nicer construction and comes with extra helpful features. But be prepared to shell out more.