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Hamilton Beach 25360 vs 25361: What’s the Difference?

Hamilton Beach 25360 vs 25361

It’s an “indoor grill that delivers outdoor grill results,” says Hamilton Beach describing the 25360 and the 25361. They’re both electric, so you don’t have to worry about charcoal, wood pellets, or even propane. They’re perfect for when you want some quick grilling to satisfy your cravings.

But which of these is for you?

First, know their differences. Let’s give you just that in this Hamilton Beach 25360 vs 25361 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Hamilton Beach 25360 vs 25361

Indoor Grill
Model Check Price » Hamilton Beach 25360 Check Price » Hamilton Beach 25361
Grilling Surface 118 square inches 118 square inches
Dimensions 6.81 H x 16.73 W x 12.4 D inches 6.81 H x 16.73 W x 12.4 D
Temperature 200 to 450 degrees F 200 to 450 degrees F
Removable Hood
Integrated Drip Tray
Viewing Window

Key Difference: Viewing Window

So… you’ve seen the chart above. Now, you know that these Hamilton Beach indoor grills are alike in all but one feature, and that’s the presence or lack of a viewing window.

Between the two, the Hamilton Beach 25361 has a viewing window.

Why is this important?

Because it allows you to see your food, thereby eliminating the guesswork. Without it, you’d have the tendency to frequently lift the hood from time to time just to check, which can be truly inconvenient and unnecessary.

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Our Final Word: Hamilton Beach 25360 vs 25361

Which of these indoor grills should you buy? Based on their difference, get the Hamilton Beach 25361 because of its viewing window.