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Elite 3.5-Quart Oil-Free Digital Fryer Review

Elite 3.5-Quart Oil-Free Digital Fryer Review

Lots of people love eating fried food. They can eat fried chicken and fries everyday, but if one thinks about the unhealthy oil that they can potentially consume, they won’t. Thanks to air fryers, however, fried-food lovers can now enjoy guilt-free eating.

Air fryers mimic the working mechanism of deep fryers, except that they’re oil free, so they’re a much healthier substitute. One of the most popular air fryers out there is the Elite EAF-1506D, a cooking device by a company called Maximatic.

In this Elite 3.5-Quart Oil-Free Digital Fryer review, we’re giving you the deets about this air fryer. What do consumers say about their unit? Does it deliver good results? Find out more.

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A Quick Look at the Elite EAF-1506D by Maximatic

To jumpstart this Elite 3.5-Quart Oil-Free Digital Fryer review, first, let’s talk about its exterior. A quick glance reveals an orb-like cooking device with noticeable vents on the side. The shape is similar to many non-Maximatic models, but the difference is easily seen.

When it comes to controls, this Elite air fryer has a digital interface, much like the Gordon Ramsay-approved Philips Airfryer HD9230/26. But what makes this interface stand out is the color of its indicator lights, which are in the most beautiful shade of green.

Still on the subject of controls and interface, this air fryer is equipped with temperature and timer features, which you can set to suit your time-temperature needs. You can adjust the temperature from 149 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and note that the timer can be set up to 60 minutes. When the cooking cycle is over, the unit automatically shuts off.

The frying basket has a 3.5-quart capacity. As advertised, you can cook a variety of items that range from snacks and meals to desserts and entrees. Also as advertised, the food basket can fit two dozen chicken wings.

The Elite EAF-1506D air fryer weighs 14.3 pounds and it stands 17.1 in height.

Are there pre-set programs? Yes, there are 6: cake, chicken, seafood, fries, cheese, and vegetable.

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Consumer Feedback: Elite 3.5-Quart Oil-Free Digital Fryer Review

When it comes to frying, one concern is whether or not any of the parts of this device is hot to touch. Unlike a typical pan or deep-fryer, the Elite EAF-1506D air fryer doesn’t get too hot when it’s running. You can still touch the outside and not burn yourself. Also, the side exhaust/vents can get warm but not hot to touch at all.

Can you use this air fryer to re-heat items? Although it’s not really a substitute for a microwave, this Elite air fryer can re-heat a variety of food items. You can wrap the food you want reheated with a foil, and it should do a good job reheating it.

What are some food items that you can air fry with this device? Aside from the items found on the pre-set programs, you can cook the following: fresh cut potatoes, raw chicken, frozen chicken wings, frozen boneless breast, battered food (not too wet).

How many people can you cook for using this Elite air fryer? This air fryer is ideal for 2 to 3 people. More than this number would you require another cooking/frying session.

At 3.5 quart capacity, the frying basket can accommodate a small whole chicken. One person says the chicken has to be about 2.5 lbs. to fit inside.

Here are other feedback given by consumers.

– No pre-heating is necessary.
– The basket is dishwasher safe.
– Does it make noise? It definitely makes a sound, but it’s minimal and should not bother you.
– The basket is not coated with Teflon, but it’s coated with a non-stick material.

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