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Dash Compact Air Fryer Review – Hit or Miss?

Dash Compact Air Fryer Review

The Dash 1.2-quart air fryer comes in 5 pretty colors – aqua, black, grey, red, and white. Because of its exterior, it stands out above the other brands. But performance-wise, does it deliver good results?

Weighing 5.7 pounds, the Dash air fryer cannot compete when it comes to capacity, but for people who have a limited space, this unit’s compact footprint can serve its purpose well.

Should you get one? Find out in this Dash Compact Air Fryer review.

Key Features of the Dash Air Fryer

Here’s a rundown of this air fryer’s key features.

Adjustable Temperature. Unlike the Vanaheim N42‘s touch-screen panel, this air fryer comes with knob controls. On top of the unit is a circular dial that you can use to adjust its temperature.

Timer. At the front is another circular knob that lets you adjust the timer function, which you can set to up to 30 minutes.

AirCrisp Technology. In combination with a rapid air circulation system, this feature enables you to “quickly crisp your ingredients while eliminating extra calories from added oil.”

1.2-Quart Capacity. Yup, the Dash air fryer is smaller than other brands, but as advertised, it can hold a dozen chicken wings or a pound of potatoes. It’s ideal for single and couple households.

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Consumer Feedback

How did this air fryer fare among previous buyers? Here’s what we found out.

Performance. It can cook a variety of food items, and the resulting air-fried food comes out nice and crispy. As reported by previous buyers, here are the types of food that the Dash Compact Air Fryer can cook well: breaded onion rings, mushrooms, fries, chicken…

One of the limitations, however, is that those that are included in the recipe book seem to cook longer than indicated.

Some people have compared this to other cooking devices, and they say that it’s better than a toaster oven, but it doesn’t heat up the place like one.

Size. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to be “smaller than expected.” It’s good for 1 to 2 people.

Appearance. This air fryer has been given positive ratings as far as exterior is concerned. It has been described as “cute,” “looks great,” and “” among other positive adjectives.

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Bottomline: Dash Compact Air Fryer Review

This cannot be emphasized too strongly: The Dash Compact Air Fryer is small. However, it does what it’s advertised to do. It can cook a variety of food items without the oil and grease.

That said, the Dash Compact Air Fryer is for people who are either of the following groups: for households with one or two occupants, or for people who would like to prepare small servings of their favorite food or snacks.