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Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200: Compare Before You Buy

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200… Before we take a look at these outdoor grills’ differences, let’s take a look at the interesting features that they have in common.

First, both of these outdoor grills have a similar fold-and-pack design that allows you to transport them easily, making either one of them an ideal camping buddy. Second, they have interchangeable cooktops. If you have a griddle, then you can interchange it with a grill to make a variety of dishes. Third, both of them are equipped with an Instastart ignition system to make lighting up these devices quick and very easy. If it doesn’t work, know that these grills also have match lighting option.

Now… it’s time for the differences.

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Comparison Chart: Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200

Let’s start with this comparison chart.

Coleman Outdoor Grill
Model Check Price » Coleman Roadtrip LXE Check Price » Coleman NXT 200
Model Number 2000020937 2000012520
Weight 47 pounds 55 pounds
Dimensions 33.8 x 13.5 x 19.1 inches 36 x 27.5 x 37.5 inches
Fuel 16.4-oz. propane cylinders 16.9-oz. cylinder or 20-lbs. tank with attachments
Power 20,000 BTUs 20,000 BTUs
Burners 2 2
Shape Oval Rectangular
Towing Handle Closed Open
Cooking Area
Total grilling area (square inches) 285 321
Construction / Parts
Collapsible Table
Side Tables/Shelves 2 2
Sliding Side Tables/Shelves Both sides Left only
Legs with Wheels
Leg Locker
Built-in Thermometer
Tool Holder
Interchangeable Cooktops
Grease Management Grease tray Grease cup
Controls Control knobs for burners, Instastart electronic igniter Control knobs for burners, Instastart electronic igniter
Match Lighting

Key Differences: Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200

There are several differences between the Roadtrip LXE and the NXT 200 that, surely, you’d like to consider before making a purchase. We list them down below.

Weight and Height

Based on data we’ve collected from online sources, the NXT 200 is heavier than the Roadtrip by close to 10 pounds. To compare, the NXT 200 weighs 55 pounds while the Roadtrip has a weight of 47 pounds. As far as height is concerned, the NXT 200 is taller than the Roadtrip.


Both of these Coleman outdoor grills have a suitcase (or fold-and-pack) design for portability. However, they are different in shape. If you take a look closely, the Roadtrip has an oval shape while the NXT 200 follows a rectangular design.

It’s also worth noting that the towing handle of the Roadtrip LXE is an enclosed, oval loop while the NXT 200’s is a curved rod.

Cooking Area

The NXT 200 has a total cooking area of 321 square inches, which is larger than the Roadtrip LXE’s, which is 285 square inches.

Parts and Accessories

As you can see in the chart above, there are parts or functionalities that the NXT 200 has that the Roadtrip doesn’t. The reverse is also true. Here’s a list of these parts.

First, let’s talk about the side tables. Both of these outdoor grills are equipped with 2 side tables, but here’s the difference. Both of Roadtrip LXE’s tables can be slid inside. As for the NXT 200, only its left side table can have that functionality.

Second, let’s mention that the NXT 200 has a built-in thermometer while the Roadtrip LXE doesn’t.

Third, the NXT 200 is equipped with a leg locker but the Roadtrip LXE isn’t.

Fourth, the Roadtrip LXE has tool holders while the NXT 200 doesn’t.

Fifth, when it comes to grease management, the Roadtrip LXE comes with a grease tray while the NXT 200 has a grease cup.

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Our Recommendation: Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs NXT 200

Based on these differences, here’s our recommendation.

Between the Roadtrip LXE and the NXT 200, get the Coleman NXT 200. There is a difference in price, but the additional features are worth it.

Where to Buy Coleman Roadtrip LXE and NXT 200

Check Price » Coleman Roadtrip LXE Check Price » Coleman NXT 200

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