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Coleman Perfect Flow vs Classic Propane Stove

Coleman Perfect Flow vs Classic Propane Stove

Coleman Perfect Flow vs Classic… which of these 2-burner propane stoves should you take with you on your next camping trip? To help you with the answer, we’re giving you this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Coleman Perfect Flow vs Classic Propane Stove

Let’s start with this chart.

Coleman Stove
Model Check Price » Coleman Perfect Flow Check Price » Coleman Classic
Burners 2 2
Removable Grease Tray
Wind Block
PerfectFlow Technology
PerfectHeat Technology
20,000 Total BTUs

Key Differences

Did you spot all the areas where these camp stoves differ in? Let’s talk about these key differences in this section.

Grill Function

The main difference is that the Coleman Perfect Flow is a 2-in-1 stove that offers two main functions – grill on the right side and a regular stove on the left side. Each side comes with their respective grill or stove grate.

As advertised, the grill has a grilling surface of 130 square inches. It’s obviously small for a large group of people, but it can cook a steak for one (or two). Let’s also mention that the stove section can accommodate a 10-inch pot.

The grill also comes with its own grease management tray, which can be easily removed for cleaning.



Wind Block

Both of these propane stoves come with a Wind Block feature, a 3-panel, foldable guard that protects the flame against the wind. What’s their difference?

It’s the shape. Take a look at the images below and compare.


Both the Coleman Perfect Flow and the Classic are equipped with 2 separate controls for each burner, producing a total of 20,000 BTUs of cooking power. These burners can be controlled and adjusted independently.

What’s their difference? It’s the location of these controls. Refer to the images again and spot the difference.

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Our Final Word: Coleman Perfect Flow vs Classic Propane Stove

Which of these camp stoves should you get?

Get the Coleman Classic. It’s tried-and-tested. Although the Coleman Perfect Flow has a 2-in-1 functionality, there have been complaints about the quality of the grill grate. Some buyers said that the grate of their unit had “melted.”