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Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer Review (#17102065)

Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer Review

Char-Broil proudly states that it is “America’s favorite grill brand since 1948.” If you’re a fan of this company and have owned and swear by at least one of their products, you’d definitely agree.

Here, we’re doing a review, featuring one of Char-Broil’s turkey fryer. On its sales page, this fryer goes by the model number #17102065. It’s also known as the Big Easy fryer. Should you get one for yourself? Let’s answer that by giving you what previous buyers have said about their unit in this Char-Broil Big Easy turkey fryer review.

Key Features

What are the key features of the Char-Broil 17102065 turkey fryer? Let’s jumpstart this Char-Broil Big Easy turkey fryer review by having a look at what this fryer has to offer.

TRU-Infrared Cooking Technology

This is perhaps what sets any Char-Broil product apart from the competition. What’s this? How does this feature benefit your frying process?

As advertised, the TRU-Infrared Cooking Technology uses infrared heat generated by the cooker to penetrate and cook your turkey (or meat) evenly. In addition, the Big Easy eliminates hot and cold spots, so the resulting cooked food should be juicy, crisp, and flavorful.

There are two major benefits given by this feature. One, the cooking process is oil-less, which means you can save money from purchasing oil. Second, you can prepare your meat with seasoned rubs or injectable marinades, options that you cannot do with other brands of fryers.


How much meat/bird can this fryer accommodate? As advertised, the Big Easy can safely cook one whole turkey that weighs up to 16 lbs. How long can it cook? Based on what the manufacturers have said, it can cook one pound of meat in 8 to 10 minutes.

What’s in the Box?

Expect the following: cooker, cooking basket, basket lifting tool, meat thermometer, cooking guide, cool touch handles, rotary ignition, drip tray.

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Pros and Cons of the Big Easy

How did previous buyers rate the Big Easy? We went through the comments and feedback section of a popular online retailer, and here’s a summary of what we found out about the product.


This review is nothing without consumer feedback on the resulting cooked food. Does the TRU-Infrared feature work? Here are some comments.

  • One person who injected a marinade to his turkey the night before said that the bird’s skin turned out “nice and brown.” He did say, however, that it’s not crispy but not slippery either.
  • For one buyer who said has been cooking with peanut oil, the Big Easy is “much better.”
  • The Char-Broil Big Easy turkey fryer can cook a variety of food items, including fries, onion rings, and donuts. With these items, you’ll need a pan or a basket. However, as the company has pointed out, the fryer would cook them “a bit differently” owing to that fact that it’s oil-less cooking.
  • You can cook chicken wings with the Big Easy. But as one person has pointed out, you may have to move them from time to time to achieve consistent crispiness. To easily cook chicken wings with this fryer, you may want to get a Big Easy Leg Rack.
  • Compared to oil fryers, the Big Easy results in great-tasting food that makes you keep coming back for more, as one person has said. The meat is tender and juicy.

Other Comments

  • To maintain a clean cooking area, know that the Big Easy comes with an aluminum drip tray. Does it work? The general consensus is yes, it is indeed a big help. Plus, you can also use the drippings to make gravy.
  • There’s minimal assembly required. Just follow the steps and you’ll be fine.

Limitations and Concerns

  • First, know that the Big Easy requires a 20-lb. propane gas tank. It cannot be converted to natural gas, unfortunately.
  • Some turkey fryers such as the Butterball MB23010118 are multi-functional. Not only can they be used to fry food, but you can use them to boil vegetables as well. Can the Big Easy boil as well? Unfortunately, no.
  • Can you cook indoors with the Big Easy? No. This fryer is designed to be used outdoors.
  • If you’re looking for an auto shut-off feature, you’d be disappointed. You’ll have to manually turn it off. This is also true with the gas tank.
  • Can this appliance also be used as a smoker? According to Char-Broil, you can use wood chips but because of the mesh lid, the Big Easy can’t contain smoke very well.

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Final Word: Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer Review

Let’s end this Char-Broil Big Easy turkey fryer review by going back to our ultimate question: Should you get one? Here’s what we have to say.

With the generally positive feedback and comments by previous consumers, especially the resulting cooked turkey/meat, we’d say go get yourself a Big Easy.

Alternative to the Char-Broil Big Easy

There’s another brand that you might want to consider. It’s called the RiverGrille TF2201802-RG, also an oil-less fryer and roaster. Check out this refurbished product.