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Butterball MB23010118 Electric Fryer Review

Butterball MB23010118 Electric Fryer Review

Some people are in love with the Butterball MB23010118 because it’s just the right size. It’s large enough to deep-fry a turkey, yet it’s not too big to be an eyesore on your kitchen countertop. But should you get one for yourself? Or probably as a gift for a loved one? Allow us to give some answers in this Butterball MB23010118 electric fryer review.

Key Features of the Butterball MB23010118

What are the top features of this electric fryer? Here’s a list.

Large Capacity

Yes, there is an Xtra-Large (XL) model available, but the Butterball MB23010118 can only accommodate a whole turkey that weighs up to 14 lbs. This is equivalent to 3 lbs. of chicken wings or a large seafood boil.


Just because it’s advertised as an electric fryer doesn’t mean you can’t use the MB23010118 to do other things. In fact, this model can help you do three things: fry, boil, and steam.

In case you’re wondering how you can steam using this device, this is made possible by the drain clips that come with it. These clips help raise the basket so you can steam your veggies.

Faster Cooking Time

Sure, you can cook your turkey through an oven roaster, but it’s going to take a while. With a deep fryer like the Butterball MB23010118, the cooking time is going to take more or less an hour, or 1/4 of the time of oven roasting.

Other Features

Here are other features and specs that you’re probably interested to know.

  • Analog controls: temperature and timer
  • Chrome coated wire basket
  • Comes with oil drain valve
  • Removable parts (pot, basket, lid, drain valve) are dishwasher safe
  • Magnetic breakaway cord for safety purposes
  • Product weight: 15.41 pounds
  • Product size: 15.4 x 15.3 x 13.7 inches

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Consumer Feedback and Comments

In this part of our Butterball MB23010118 electric fryer review, we give you a summary of what previous buyers have said about their unit.

What are its pros and cons? Are there limitations? How’s cooking with this deep fryer? To get you the answers, we took a visit to the comments section of a popular online retailer.

Cooking Performance

First up, some people want to know if this electric deep fryer can be used outside. This is designed for indoor use. However, it should be placed near a well-ventilated area, especially if you’re frying fish or an item that emits a strong odor. Many people deep fry in their garage.

Can the oil be re-used?

You definitely can, especially if you’ve used it only once. However, because you don’t want your food to have an inconsistent or weird flavor, re-use oil only when deep frying similar items (e.g., fish and seafood).

Although it’s advertised that the Butterball MB23010118 can accommodate up to a 14-lb. turkey, several consumers say that you can stuff in a 20-lb. turkey without any problem.

How long does it take for oil at room temperature to heat up?

On average, it’s between 30 to 45 minutes.

How’s the resulting deep-fried food?

When it comes to cooking turkey, previous buyers have only positive things to say about this unit. The cooked turkey comes out crisp and juicy. Some buyers used a more general term/phrase for their compliments. For instance, one person said that the turkey “tastes good.” Another person said it’s “perfect.”

One person also has given positive remarks. According to her, she used the Butterball MB23010118 to fry chicken. The result? The chicken, she said, “wasn’t greasy.” Also, even when eaten the next day, it still “tasted great.”

How long does it take to cook a whole turkey?

The answers are not consistent, but on average, expect a working ratio of 3.5-4 min/lb.

Other Comments

  • This unit cleans up easily. At least two people say that they let the oil cool overnight, which also allows any sediments or particles to settle at the bottom. This way, the oil would be kept clean.
  • As some people have observed, you might find this fryer to be unexpectedly “huge” or “big.”
  • Since this is a deep fryer (i.e., oil is used), one of the main disadvantages is that you’ll have to wait a while for the oil to cool down before you can drain and store it for future use.

Limitations, Concerns, Issues

The cord may be short to your liking. But this is a minor issue as you can always use an extension cord should you need a longer connection.

If you’re looking for a US-made fryer, this isn’t one of them. It’s manufactured in China.

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Our Recommendation: Butterball MB23010118 Electric Fryer Review

So… should you get one? Let’s end this Butterball MB23010118 electric fryer review by giving you our recommendation.

Definitely! Buy the Butterball MB23010118 if you love fried food. Let’s not forget that aside from being a fryer, this appliance can also steam and boil.

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