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Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle Review

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle Review

Don’t have enough cooking space for breakfast and you’re constantly running out of time? Get a griddle with enough cooking surface. This way, you can cook for the whole family in just a few minutes.

There are several brands to choose from, but if you want a no-frills, simple, and easy-to-use griddle, then perhaps you’d like to get the PCG-10 from Broil King?

But before you answer that question, learn everything there is about the product – including its pros and cons – in this Broil King PCG-10 professional griddle review.

Key Features of the Broil King PCG-10

What are the key features of the PCG-10? Here’s a list.

Healthy Lift

According to the brand, the “Healthy Lift” feature is unique to the Broil King PCG-10. How so?

The rear leg has leg extenders that can be adjusted so that it is elevated by a quarter of an inch. What happens is the oil or grease flows down the surface and gets collected in the grease cup. That way, you don’t have to worry about oil leaks and you’re ensured of a mess-free cooking process.

Splash Guard

The Broil-King Professional Griddle is equipped with a removable splash guard (or sometimes called backsplash). Its purpose is obviously to make sure that oil splatters on your kitchen countertop are minimized.

Heat Control

The Broil King PCG-10 comes with a heavy-duty temperature probe, which you can adjust up to 420 degrees F.

Other Features and Technical Specs

  • Weight: 8.15 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: W:29”x D:12.5”x H:5.5″
  • Cooking Dimensions: 21″x12″
  • Color: Gray
  • Removable grease tray and immersible base
  • Environmentally friendly non-stick coating

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VIDEO: Broil King PCG-10

Watch this video to get a closer look at the feature and parts of the Broil King griddle.

Consumer Feedback

In this section of our Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle review, we list down the pros and cons of the product provided by previous buyers.


  • Country of Origin. People who are looking for a USA-made griddle would be happy to know that the Broil King PCG-10 is made in America.
  • Time-Temp Table. The manual includes a time-temperature table to help beginners cook common food items such as bacon, eggs, pancakes, and French toast using the griddle.
  • Temperature Probe. One good thing about this griddle is that it comes with a clearly-marked temperature probe unlike other brands such as the Ovente GR2001B. This way, guesswork is eliminated. The probe goes from 200 to 400 degrees F. There is also a warm setting
  • Cooking Performance. The general consensus is that the Broil King Professional griddle cooks well. One, it heats evenly, so food items such as pancakes are browned evenly. Several people have said they haven’t observed hot or cold spots.
  • Cleanup. The nonstick coating is effective against stuckon grease or particles. Because of that, it’s easy to clean.
  • Heat-up Time. The manual says you need to pre-heat this unit for 5 minutes.


  • The power cord measures 48 inches, which can be short for some people.
  • As one person has observed, the griddle is not entirely flat. It is “sunken a little in the middle,” which gives some food the tendency to move or run towards that area.
  • At least two people have raised issues regarding the quality of the splash guard. The edges are not smooth, so it can scratch the non-stick coating no matter how careful you put it in.
  • Several people have complained about the thickness of the aluminum cast, saying that it’s made of “thin” metal.
  • Some people have observed that the non-stick coating was applied unevenly, giving the impression that it was not professionally done.

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Our Recommendation: Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle Review

Should you get one? Here’s our recommendation.

Buy the Broil King PCG-10 with reservations. When it comes to cooking capabilities, it does the job well – no hot spots and food is cooked evenly. However, there are concerns about the quality of this product that you shouldn’t ignore.