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Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review, 16 Qt. (9063)

Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review

Big Boss Oil-Less air fryer review… The Big Boss oil-less fryer (model 9063) comes in a variety of colors, including black, red, and copper. It has a 16-quart capacity, which is a lot larger than most air fryers (e.g., Power Air Fryer XL). It’s so large that you can cook two of your favorite dishes simultaneously. To help you with that, this air fryer comes with 2 trays to help you stack the food items to ensure even cooking.

As advertised, the Big Boss 9063 uses three cooking mechanisms – Halogen, Convection, and Infrared heat – which work together to deliver fast and consistent results. It has a timer, has multiple temperature settings, and weighs 14.7 pounds.

How good is this air fryer? Does it deliver results? In this Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer review, we give you what previous consumers have to say about their unit.

Can you really stack food in the basket as pictured?

Apparently so, as one person has experienced. In her words, you can use this air fryer to cook a “3-course meal for 2 people.” Further, she has used this cooking device to cook chicken (or pork chops) on one rack and them put veggies, bread, onions, broccoli, and cheese on top of another rack.

How’s the resulting air-fried foods?

Several consumers have positive things to say about the results. For instance, one person show uses the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer to cook a variety of meals such as bacon-wrapped avocado slices and chicken says that the food came out “juicier than if baked.” She also used the term “delicious” and the phrase “crisped up beautifully” to describe her air-fried bacon.

One user who decided to try cooking a whole chicken with this air fryer says that the chicken skin was crispy, the meat tender and juicy, and everything was finished in just one hour. Another person says he doesn’t have that “stuffed feeling” as with fried chicken cooked in oil.

When it comes to cooking potatoes and vegetables, one user finds that the outside was crispy like it was baked or toasted. In another test using zucchini sprinkled with some oil and seasonings, it was revealed that the zucchini came out like it was grilled, complete with those little burnt spots.

With other food items such as breaded chops, the air-fried chops came out just like they were fried without the unnecessary grease.

Compared to cooking in an oven, one user says she roasts turkeys in this air fryer in less the time.

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Is there a learning curve?

It may take some time before you get the hang of it. One person shares that if you want to use two racks and cook different types of dishes simultaneously, you have to learn how long each dish cooks. In short, there may be a learning curve for cooking time.

The recipe book is also a good help. Over time, you’ll learn how to tweak the temperatures to suit your style of cooking (and your taste preferences).

Is this easy to clean?

Yes. It’s equipped with a self-cleaning function. It’s also possible to clean it yourself by simply rinsing it out and then cleaning it with sponge.

What else do consumers say about this air fryer?

– With the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer, the kitchen doesn’t heat up compared to other oil-cooking methods.
– It’s large in size, but if you use it everyday, you won’t mind that it sits on your countertop.
– One person said they don’t have to “pour oil in and then figure out a way to pour it back out again.”
– Within minutes, it heats up and reaches the set temperature.

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