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Best Propane Gas Grill for the Money, Top Picks

Best Propane Gas Grill

There’s no denying that gas grills can’t reproduce the distinct smokey flavor one can get when using a charcoal grill. But it also has its set of benefits and advantages.

For instance, it’s easier to cook with a propane gas grill. Unlike charcoal, there’s no need for a lengthy preparation. If you’re a beginner, it will probably take you some time to connect the gas tank to the unit, but still, it requires only a short amount of time. Once everything is properly set up, it takes only one turn of a knob to get started.

Cleanup is also simpler and easier. While many charcoal grills such as the Weber 14401001 boast a one-touch cleaning system, propane grills don’t have ashes to concern yourself with.

Now, what’s the best propane gas grill on the market today? Here’s our top picks.

Best Propane Gas Grill Top Pick: Coleman Road Trip LXE

Why is the Coleman Road Trip LXE on top of this list?

Because you can take it anywhere. It folds easily, and it can be transported effortlessly. It has a 285-square inch grilling area, and it comes with two burners that you can control independently.

Aside from being a portable grill, the Road Trip LXE allows you to cook a wide variety of food items. Sure, it doesn’t have a side burner, but it comes with interchangeable cooktops so that you can switch the grill grates for griddle or stove grates.

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Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro

We’re putting the Char-Griller 3001 on this list because it’s a gas grill that comes with many parts that you’re sure to use. But other than that, it also has impressive features.

What are these parts and features?

One, it comes with 438 square inches of main grilling area, which is large enough to cook multiple types of food at one time. There’s also a warming rack that gives you 192 square inches of added cooking space, ideal for toasting bread or warming hotdogs. As if that’s not good enough, the Char-Griller 3001 also comes with a side burner that gives you 12,000 BTU of heat output.

There’s also a side shelf to house your condiments, tongs, and other things you need while grilling. Expect the grates to be porcelaing-coated and cast-iron. Expect three knobs for each of the burners that generate a total of 40,800 BTUs of heat output.

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Weber 62020001 Genesis II E-410

The Weber 62020001 Genesis II E-410 has a GS4 grilling system, which includes three unique features.

One, it has 4 stainless steel burners. It comes with a total of 844 square inches of cooking area – 646 square inches come from the main cast-iron cooking grates, and 198 square inches come from the warming rack.

Two, this gas grill has porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars. These bars are angled properly to catch the drippings that vaporize and add flavor to the grilled food.

Three, it has an effective grease management system that reduces the risk of flareups. All drippings that are not caught by the flavorizer bars are funneled away into a drip tray so that you can easily throw it away.

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Smoke Hollow 205

It doesn’t come with wheels unlike the Road Trip LXE, but the Smoke Hollow 205 is a tabletop gas grill with sturdy and stable legs. It’s advertised as a tabletop grill, but it should be comfortable on any flat surface.

Based on the data given by the brand, this gas grill comes with a 205-square inch cooking surface. There’s also a warming rack that gives you an added 105 square inches of warming surface.

Here are other features and parts to expect: locking lid, folding legs, stainless steel “U” burner, and stainless steel wire grates.