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What is the Best Philips Airfryer? Top Picks

What is the Best Philips Airfryer

Philips has cemented its brand as one of the most trusted electronics companies in the world. From electric toothbrushes up to kitchen appliances, Philips has something to offer its customers. Airfryers are no exception. One quick search on an online retail site gives you a number of models to choose from.

What is the best Philips airfryer? Here, we give you our top picks, which include those that have gained positive reviews and good ratings from previous buyers.

Best Philips Airfryer Pick #1: Philips XL Airfryer HD9240/94

Quick note: The HD9240/94 is included on our top picks for the best air fryer on the market, and it’s for good reason.

Who won’t fall in love with this sleek frying machine? Aside from its touchscreen panel, it’s equipped with features that are not pure hype. Meaning, they truly help in preparing dishes that are evenly cooked, from the surface up to the inner parts.

As advertised, the Philips XL Airfryer HD9240/94 comes with Rapid Air Technology, a feature that helps speed up the circulation of hot air throughout the machine. It has a 60-minute timer, an adjustable temperature control (up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit), and a dishwasher-safe food basket.

Aside from frying, this air fryer can also help you grill, bake, and roast your favorite food and snacks. Don’t forget, it’s approved by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Best Philips Airfryer Pick #2: Philips Airfryer Viva HD9220/28

What’s the difference between the Viva HD9220/28 and the HD9240/94? First, it has an analog interface. Unlike the HD9240/94’s touchscreen display, you need to manually adjust the knob if you want to change the timer. Speaking of timer, instead of 60 minutes, the HD9220/28 has a 30-minute timer. It also has a food chamber with a capacity of 1.75 pounds (or as advertised, is equivalent to 1 bag of French fries).

Other features are practically the same. The Viva HD9220/28 is equipped with Rapid Air Technology, it’s Gordon Ramsay-approved, and it comes with a recipe book to help ensure you have a great cooking experience.

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Best Philips Airfryer Pick #3: Philips Air Fryer Avance HD9641/96

How is the Philips Avance HD9641/96 different from the rest of the models on this list?

First, it’s equipped with new features. The most important of them is TurboStar technology, which helps swirl hot air continuously throughout the food chamber. This should result in the even distribution of heat, giving you an evenly cooked food item. Next, it has a QuickControl dial, another new feature that allows you to quickly set your time-temperature preferences. All you need to do is to turn and click. Third, there are pre-set programs to grill, bake, fry, and roast your favorite dishes. Lastly, this airfryer comes with the truly helpful “keep warm” function, which makes sure that your food is kept warm up to 30 minutes after cooking.

Here are other impressive features: no pre-heat needed, QuickClean basket, EasyClick handle, 200 recipes on the Airfryer recipe app, plastic construction, 15.1 pounds in weight.

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