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Best Nesco Roaster Oven, Our Top Pick

Best Nesco Roaster Oven

What is the best Nesco roaster oven? Our pick is the Nesco 481825PR, and this post explains why. In a nutshell, it has received top and generally good feedback from previous buyers.

The Nesco 481825PR weighs 17.2 lbs., and as advertised, has an 18-quart capacity. It requires 1425 watts of electric power, and it’s body is made of stainless steel. Let’s elaborate some more.

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Best Nesco Roaster Oven: Nesco 481825PR

Let’s first take a look at the Nesco 481825PR’s key features.

Best Nesco Roaster Oven
Key Features Check Price » Nesco 481825PR
Capacity 18 Quarts
Weight 17.2 lbs
Product Dimensions 8.88 x 17 x 24.38 inches
Watts 1425 W
Material Type Stainless steel
Cooking Temperature 200 degree F to 450 degrees F, 50-degree increments
Settings Slow cook, Cook, Roast, Bake, Steam
Patented Circle Heat Technology
Variable Temperature Control
Removable Porcelain Cookwell
Removable Steel Rack
Indicator Light
Stay Cool Handles

Based on the chart above, here are the main features of the Nesco 481825PR.

  1. Circle Heat Technology
  2. Advertised as patented, this feature ensures that heat is evenly transferred and distributed for food to be cooked well. Unlike other roaster ovens in which foods are cooked from the bottom, the Nesco 481825PR’s Circle of Heat technology ensures that foods are cooked from the side.

  3. Temperature Control
  4. You can adjust the cooking temperature starting from 200 to a maximum setting of 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a 50-degree increment. Note that in the dial, these settings are labeled according to the type of cooking you’d like to do, from slow cooking up to steaming.

  5. Capacity
  6. It’s an 18-quart capacity roaster. In this product’s sales page, this means that you can fit the following at a time: 6 cup muffin pans or a 9×9 square cake pan.

Nesco 481825PR Consumer Feedback

How did the Nesco 481825PR fare among previous buyers? Here’s a summary of what we found out.

The porcelain cookwell is a plus among buyers. But several buyers say that if you don’t soak it for some time, cleaning can be difficult. Also, because of the nature of porcelain, expect that it will discolor a bit over time.

Another plus is the flexibility of this roaster oven. The variety of temperatures this cooking device makes it multi-functional. For instance, you can choose the lowest setting to transform the Nesco 481825PR into a slow cooker. If you’d like to steam, choose the maximum temperature setting.

It works well if you’re cooking for a large family or entertaining a relatively large number of guests.

It’s important to read the instruction manual before using it the first time. For instance, you’re supposed to let it smoke for one hour to get rid of any stink or plastic smell.

How well does it perform as a roaster? Several consumers say that their roasted turkey came out moist and evenly cooked. However, some people were not impressed, with one buyer saying that the Nesco 481825PR works better as a slow cooker rather than a roaster.

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