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Top 5 DIY Backyard Grill Ideas

For some people, spending hundreds of dollars on the best propane gas grill or a charcoal grill is impractical, especially if they’re going to use it only once (or a few times).

What’s the next best thing to do? Create your own DIY grill, of course!

Here, we give you some clever DIY backyard grill ideas that you can replicate in your own home. These improvised grilling apparatus may not have the features that a Coleman Road Trip LXE, but they can get the job done.

Improvised Terracotta Grill

If you have some extra flower pots lying around the garden shed, and you’re absolutely sure you’re not going to use them anymore, you can use one of them for an improvised terracotta grill.

Here’s what you need: your clay pot, some scrape metal that looks like a grate, tin foil, and charcoal.

Watch this video to know exactly how it’s done. There’s another idea that involves clay pots, and this video shows you how to make a grill-and-smoker combo.

Hibachi-Style Brick Grill

This video shows you how to make a hibachi-style grill in your backyard. It’s really, really simple.

Here’s what you’ll need: bricks, grates, and charcoal.

All you have to do is to lay down your bricks on a flat surface. These serve as your base layer. Make sure that they have some space in between for some airflow. Then, lay another set of bricks on top of the base layer. After that, put your charcoal and then your grates. Then, you can start grilling.


Kamado-Style Grill Using Flower Pots

Kamado grills are quite expensive, but you can create your own Kamado-inspired grill using flower pots. Yes, clay pots!

Watch this video to know how.

Oil Barrel Barbecue Grill

If you want something sturdier and more permanent, then why not turn a used oil barrel into a barbecue grill? This DIY backyard grill idea requires effort, time, and some special equipment, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Watch how these guys re-use an oil drum into a backyard grill.

Smoker-Grill from Cinder Box

Apparently, flower pots and bricks are not the only materials that you can use to create DIY grills. Even cinder boxes can do the trick.

Watch this video to see how this guy has successfully created a grill-smoker combo.